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Company spirit

Technical Strength and Competition Advantage
(1)To digest and absorb the advanced technologies abroad to build up our technical team
Since May 1996, the company has sent 5 separate groups of in total 45 technicians to Germany for technical training to absorb the advanced technologies. The R&D Dept. consists of 21 technicians among whom 7 are mechanism designers and the other 14 are responsible for electronic hardware and software development. The company has 2 senior engineers, 3 senior technicians and 12 engineers. Through the professional training and practice abroad for years, the company has fostered a team full of solid professional knowledge and rich experience, which ensures the most advanced productive power.

(2)To have wide international cooperation to make the best technical complementary products:
The company has a independent automatic banking equipments research center which has signed technical cooperation agreement respectively with such 3 world reputed companies as Reis in Germany, Musashi in Japan and Magner in USA. Additionally the center has also set up technical cooperation upon a certain product with the following internationally well known companies :G&D,DE LA RUE, SCANCOIN,CTCOIN,NGZ and CDM. To have a better coordination of the international market , the development and application of new technologies, OEM processing and the interests and cooperation in developing markets, in 2004 South maintained the 50 percent share of the Procoin GmBH in Germany and in 2006 South registered and set up Unixcam LLC international trading company in USA through which South distributes the most advanced machines into the international markets directly and good service reputation has been recorded.

(3)Furnished with the most advanced machineries to satisfy the product demand for high technology and quality:
The company has imported the following most advanced machineries 1 computerized laser cutting machine from BYSTRONIC in Switzerland, 6 vertical and horizontal machining centers from MAZAK in Japan as well as 3 computerized hydraulic pressure bending machine from AMADA in Japan and 1 CMM from Brown&Sharpe in US. These advanced machineries ensure the product demands for high technology and quality.

(4)Fruitful International Cooperation.
Since 2001, the company has conducted special domestic market investigation and survey and developed Chinese market oriented products such as multi-currency banknote counter, Euro banknote counter with counterfeit detection, coin (high and medium speed) counting and detecting machine, automatic coin wrappers and mini mix coin counters etc. Among the above machines, TELLAC-9C multi-currency banknote counter ,based on the technical cooperation with MUSASHI in Japan, was the first machine in China used for foreign currency detection. This model once was used by the Central Bank of China as the first trial product to implement Product License System to regulate RMB detector (dynamic) and successfully passed the tests from the 4 authorized testing organizations. Based on the experience of TELLAC-9C and the upgrade and breakthrough of mechanism, detection and controlling technologies, in 2006 South developed PRC960 which is the first multi-currency counter in China , through completely independent development, which can count the value of mixed US banknotes. This model was also the 4th machine in the world with this feature after CUMMINS in US , Japanese GLORY and Korean SEETECH. Among our productsThe coin sorting and detecting machine and the automatic coin wrapping machine filled the gap in China in this field and were listed as one of the National Torch Key items by the National Ministry of Science and Technology. And the YFJ-400 coin sorting and detecting machine was listed as the national key new products by the 5 ministries. The YFJ-501 high speed coin sorting and detecting machine and YBJ-600 automatic coin wrapping machine were listed as high and new technology product by the Jiangsu Bureau of Science and Technology.

(5)Independent Intellectual Properties and Innovative Capabilities
With the rich experience in automatic banking machine development, the company holds 50 independent intellectual properties, among which 10 are invention patents, 35 are new utility ones and 5 exterior appearance ones. Many of these patents are awarded the prizes from the country, province and city. The company is also one of the Suzhou key enterprises for independent intellectual property cultivation.